So, What is Levity Life?

Levity Life is a multifaceted company focused upon the promotion of a relaxed lifestyle approach towards all of its endeavors. Its a group of highly motivated individuals that enjoy what they do, as they are doing it. We are a Integral lifestyle company that provides beach clothing, skateboards and custom T-shirt printing. An Integral lifestyle is one that is not separate from the individual; it's who we are, and our existence in this world. We care about people, and our community for which we live, and attempt to perform all of our serious responsibilities with a bit of Levity.



Humor or frivolity; especially the treatment of a serious matter with humor or in a manner lacking due respect

Noun, plural…, lightness of mind character or behavior


Our Mission:

Levity Life has been established to pursue and embrace the ideas self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship, because every dream should be just enough to sustain each person for life. We help others find those dreams and match them within the realm of sustainability. In finding our authentic selves we find the freedom of expression, and with that expression our passion for living an authentic life. At Levity Life those pursuits are a balance of work and play so that each person involved can experience more days in the sun, surf, and the possibility to skate.

We believe it is within that authentic life we can experience more moments of  laughter, freedom, then frivolity, and life is not to be taken too seriously. Since all our moments are just temporary; if our dreams can sustain us then we get to live through them and then they are our Life. That is the meaning of  living a Integral Lifestyle.


The Levity Life Health & Wellness Foundation is the charitable component of the LLC. We at Levity Life are in the business of finding and funding dreams through self-entrepreneurship. We then provide the guidance and training necessary to turn those pursuits into a viable and sustainable career.

Yet, the people and Ideas we are looking to invest in are put though a very thorough process of evaluation. The most important of those criteria is; do their pursuits and endeavors compliment a positive productive and healthy lifestyle for the wellness of themselves, their community, and their environment. Exactly, how do they plan to contribute or give back to their community is also a main focal point in the evaluation process. We do ask the question, can they teach others to do what they do, so that each step is a building block of continuation for the next generation.

We feel that these components are vital for living a life of fulfillment and by doing so, can prosper in the process.  Small businesses are the foundation for the pursuit of individual freedom, and the liberty to provide a valuable service to every community. We remain committed to passing on those ideas to future generations by attempting to assist each recipient of our foundation.


One of the processes to provide funding for these services come through sales of clothing on this site, and other physical sites. We do not ask for but do accept donations when the opportunity presents itself.



The Levity Life Health & Wellness Foundation

Donations to the foundation can be sent to:

PayPal - glight42@icloud.com 


Venmo - Joseph Moore @Joseph-Moore-169


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