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The Levity Life Global Outreach Initiative is a unity component of the LLC.  We intend to extend all of our pursuits in a way that is supportive in a global environment. We are based in the United States, however we also recognize that we are apart of  a global community. We do business in a interwoven global economy. It is a belief of environmental and social systems that we are more connected to the people of this world more than we are disconnected by distance and land space. All of our endeavors should compliment a positive productive and healthy lifestyle for all of the people that share a similar outlook and believe that we are of One People. While traveling and meeting with individuals from different countries and social backgrounds; it is and has been discovered that we and others share the same ideas of positive interaction and the pursuit of similar ambitions and goals. Clean water to drink, a future filled with prosperity for the next generation, and the love of discovery of more alikeness than difference. People in the holistic health and wellness communities are a prime example of the interconnectedness we are linked by and therefore acknowledge of commonality. We see it all the time, and it is with this thought process that we use to reach out and connect with the world. We wish for everyone connected with Levity Life LC, The Madworkshop and our Qigong endeavors, to take a moment be grateful and express gratitude for the opportunities presented and support initiatives that encourage the one world, One People approach to everything they do and to the people around them.


Global Outreach Initiative

Donations to the Initiative or for more Information can be sent to:
PayPal - 
Venmo - Joseph Moore @Joseph-Moore-169

Global Outreach Initiative

Cultural Awareness Exchange

Mutual Global Marketing & Social Awareness

-Our efforts have reached 15 countries:

      France     Italy     Indonesia    Japan    Mexico

      Honduras    Netherlands    Portugal   Spain  Greece   Ireland

      Liechtenstein  Denmark   Sweden  England

-15 different states in the U.S.

     Arizona    Delaware    Colorado    California    Illinois

     Florida     Georgia    New York    New Jersey    Maryland                     Virginia    Pennsylvania    Texas    Utah    Washington(State) 

Local Community Out Reach

Autism Awareness with Autism of Delaware

Georgetown Girls and Boys Clubs

Youth Development Initiative

Healthy Lifestyle Choices through Qigong

Outdoor & Social Networking

Community Involvement Events

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